It took a bit of work, but we have now our initial training course offering online! What do we have in store for you?

PHP Training

For developers new to PHP, we have a beginners course “Essential PHP” and for more experienced developers we offer “Advanced PHP“. We even have a full “PHPBootcamp” training course where junior developers learn not only the basics of PHP, but also working in GIT, writing tests and developing on features or fixing bugs in actual applications build in Symfony, Laravel and Zend Framework.

PHP Frameworks

If you already master the skills of PHP, the next step is to learn about frameworks. We have chosen the 3 most popular ones: Symfony, Laravel and Zend Framework. It’s up to you if you take one, two or all three training courses.

Improve Quality

Improve the quality of your applications with our intense PHPUnit training courses. If you ever thought testing was easy, let’s talk again after you’ve taken “PHPUnit: the basics” course. If you’re still not convinced, I dare you to have a shot at our “PHPUnit Masterclass” where we give you all the techniques to detect bugs faster, implement new features with ease and provide support at the speed of light. In “Continuous Deployment” we’re going to automate everything beyond your “git push” to keep you doing what you like most: creating awesome applications.

DevOps for web developers

There are certain aspects in web development that are still unknown territories for the majority of developers that we want to clarify. In “Networking for web developers” we teach you all you need to know to understand the TCP/IP stack, how DNS works and all the layers that are connected between your browser and the server. Things you should know in order to improve your web apps. We also see many developers still have no understanding of proper source control. With our “GIT – From novice to master” training we will teach you everything you need to know to control the future of every commit with Git.


Even though security is part of DevOps, we have separated security because of the enormous scope of the term. In “Security basics” we will explain the table stakes you need to know and understand to protect your application against threats of the internet today.