Why do I need to invest in quality?


The worst that can happen to your business is that your customers are faced with a broken, non- functional website, webshop or web application. Not only does this damages your reputation, but it ofen leads to security issues and an increase in support calls.

Since 2009 we’ve been advocating improving quality for web applications by writing unit tests, automated acceptance tests and perform static and dynamic analysis of your source code to reduce errors, improve stability and boost performance.

PHPUnit: the Basics

PHPUnit: the basics is the training course you need to get started with writing unit tests to protect the most important parts of your PHP application.

PHPUnit Masterclass

In PHPUnit Masterclass we go deeper into the art of unit testing and to teach you some techniques to become a master in test-driven development or TDD.

Continuous Delivery

In this training course participants will learn how to set up a CI/CD system themselves, how to design and implement “build pipelines” for specific operations and how to deploy on various platforms in a secure, fail safe way.