A php elephpant in front of a Microsoft sign

PHP is well supported on Microsoft Azure making it your first choice in cloud computing for your PHP applications. PHP Azure training course will give you all the details to build a high-available, superb performing cloud application serving millions of users simultaneously.

Goal of this training course

When you’ve taken this training course you will have a good overview of all services provided by Microsoft Azure and how to deploy your PHP application efficiently on the Microsoft Cloud services  to have a high-performant, scalable and distributed cloud solution with a minimum of effort.


This course is designed for intermediate to advanced PHP developers who are familiar building rich internet applications with a multitude of back-end services like caching, searching, queuing and the likes.

Duration & course outline

This is a 2-day (12h) training course covering the following topics:

  • Overview of Microsoft Azure services
  • Deploying a single-stack application to Microsoft Azure
  • Separating responsibilities
  • Securing application infrastructure
  • Automatic scaling and geolocation delivery


€ 2.000,00 per person

Class format & requirements

This training course will be given on-site. Participants should have a computer pre-installed with GIT, PHP and FTP-client. Code samples and exercises will be provided during the training course.

A minimum of 4 participants is required.