Stop repeating yourself with every release and automate your deployments using solid pipelines so you can deploy multiple time a day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the ability to have automation in your release process so every single deployment will be executed with precision and perfect execution? Aren’t you going to be happy that when things go wrong, the release process stops and your production environment is not affected? Well, you can have all of this with continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) and we’ll teach you how to set it up for your own environment, what the important steps are and how to optimise the process to make the deployment faster, more robust and no longer a stressful moment.

Goal of this training course

In this training course participants will learn how to set up a CI/CD system themselves, how to design and implement “build pipelines” for specific operations and how to deploy on various platforms in a secure, fail safe way.


This training course is aimed at software, system, testing and devops engineers who are in charge of complex web applications on distributed architectures and don’t want to spend hours in the evening releasing a massive code change.

Duration & Course Outline

This is a 1-day training course (8h) which will cover the following subjects:

  • What is continuous integration/continuous deployment?
  • Benefits of automating releases
  • Setting up a basic pipeline
  • Building an advanced pipeline
  • Optimisation of processes
  • Deployment strategies and trade-offs


€ 275,00 per participant

Class format & Requirements

This training course will be given on-site. Participants should have a computer capable of running Docker. Code samples and exercises will be provided during the training course, slides and documentation will be provided at the end of the training course.