What is PHP?

PHP is the technology used to run over 80% of all websites. That means that there is a huge market looking for developers and a technology worth investing in. If you are already doing PHP development for years or you just entered this industry, we have just the right training course for you.

Our training courses are kept up-to-date with the latest versions, best practices and industry standards. Our professional trainers are making sure you receive the best value during and after training courses with regular updates on changes and answering questions from participants.

Essential PHP

PHP is the most used technology on the internet. Over 80% of all websites are powered by PHP. No wonder that the demand for PHP developers is enormous. But how do you get started with PHP? In this Essential PHP  training course you’ll quickly get started building your first web application with PHP.

Advanced PHP

Our advanced PHP training course will allow you to take advantage of all the powerful components within PHP7 to turn any web application development challenge into a success.

Build from the ground up, this training course will teach you all the necessary skills and knowledge to build high-performant, robust and easy to maintain web applications.

PHP Bootcamp

This bootcamp principle is being used for decades already by the military with one purpose: train young soldiers immediately in the techniques of battle, planning and survival. Units leaving this bootcamp are ready to be deployed on any kind of humanitarian or conflict missions. We apply the same techniques, mixing real world scenario’s with theoretical courses to get developers ready for any kind of assignment.