A step-by-step guide to improving the performance and scalability of your PHP based applications, not just on code level, but more importantly in the larger PHP ecosystem. We’ll discuss caching (why ? how ? how NOT ?), web architecture, the importance of web stack choices (incl. alternatives to the LAMP stack), web and database server configuration, sharding, tuning and a lot more.

This is a 2-day training course (14h) which will cover the following subjects :

  • What is scalability ?
  • Performance vs scalability
  • Caching
    • What ?
    • How ?
    • When ?
    • Avoiding caching pitfalls (stampeding, …)
  • Web architecture 101
  • Web stack choices
  • Offloading your DB
  • Database sharding
  • SQL or NoSQL
  • Load balancing front and backend
  • Tuning your stack
  • Network tuning – how small changes can make 200% difference
  • and much more


€ 950 per person

Class format & requirements

This is a classroom training course. Participants should have a computer (preferably with a fixed ethernet port) and root/administrative access in order to install tools that will be used during the training course.