PHP Bootcamp gives junior developers the knowledge and experience required to become a valuable member of any PHP development team.

The idea behind a bootcamp is to train people to master a variety of skills in a short time. What’s the difference between a bootcamp and a regular training? This bootcamp training focusses on practical exercises wherein skills and theoretical knowledge are being applied at the same time. With this “hands-on” approach all participants can learn an incredible amount of skills and build up a certain experience useful to be applied directly at companies and organisations.

This bootcamp principle is being used for decades already by the military with one purpose: train young soldiers immediately in the techniques of battle, planning and survival. Units leaving this bootcamp are ready to be deployed on any kind of humanitarian or conflict missions. We apply the same techniques, mixing real world scenario’s with theoretical courses to get developers ready for any kind of assignment.

What subjects will be part of this bootcamp?

This PHP bootcamp will cover the following disciplines:

  • Web applicatie request and response model
  • Single stack applicaties and a distributed architecture
  • Quality and security
  • Working with RDBMS and NoSQL databases, and common key/value storage engines
  • Soap, XML-RPC and REST web services client and server models
  • Optimum session, cache and media management and storage
  • Detecting bugs (debugging) and fixing them
  • Working with frameworks like Laravel, Symfony and Zend Framework
  • Developing single responsibility applications with Docker containers

Step by step we go through challenges where a part of PHP core knowledge will be explained and best practices will be shown for working in a web application environment. We will execute several task all together as a group where we zoom in on design patterns and architectures and solving common problems in existing business scenarios. Other assignments are required to be executed individually or in groups of two to dig deeper and solve some of the critical issues that occur in web applications.

Throughout this bootcamp we use three real existing use cases, adapted specifically for this training:

  • a web shop dealing with all things related to e-commerce
  • an ERP/CRM application dealing with enterprise environments
  • an electronic portal for governments to interact with their citizens
  • strings, arrays and iterators
  • functions, classes and interfaces
  • conditions and routines

These use cases give all participants a variation of challenges, difference in solutions and plenty of hooks to mix theoretical lectures with hands-on labs. This will give your developers the ultimate experience to grow and learn in a very short time.

Next to knowing more about PHP and the frameworks, participants will also get an in-depth training in the following additional subjects:

  • GIT SCM in combination with GitHub to host the projects
  • Doctrine ORM to interact with data storage engines and manage database migrations
  • Code reviewing techniques
  • Twig for HTML templates
  • CSS and jQuery combined with Bootstrap to design development efforts
  • 3rd-party API integration and SDK usage
  • Docker containers
  • Application quality, security, resilience and privacy by design techniques
  • Testing with PHPUnit (unit testing), DBUnit (database testing) & Selenium (acceptance testing)

After completion of this bootcamp, all participants will receive a certification expressing their achievement.

What knowledge is expected of participants?

This course is designed for anyone who’s new to PHP, but a bit of knowledge of other programming languages will help understanding the following concepts.

What will participants know after this bootcamp?

Because we mix real existing scenarios with applied theory participants will gain knowledge and experience immediately. Because of the repetitive nature of this bootcamp all aspects will be repeated the moment they have been handled. This moving forward and repetition will make them ready to get started as an experienced junior developer.

How did we got to this bootcamp?

Clients ask us to train and coach their development teams. We notice that the junior developers, mostly fresh out of college, lack basic experience to be fully efficient within the company and often don’t meet the required goals of the company.

Over the years we have created many course materials which are very effective for already experience developers, but juniors often just found it too complex very quickly. So we reviewed our training courses and adapted it to bootstrap the junior developers to be ready to fully join in the actual training course. This solution resulted into this PHP Bootcamp.

Details of PHP Bootcamp

  • Price: € 2500 per participant *
  • Duration: 20 days of 6 hours
  • Location: This is an on-site bootcamp
  • Certification: We deliver a certification on completion of this bootcamp

(*) 10% discount for groups of 10 people or more