At TechPath we provide a number of training courses for Web developers that go beyond the programming part.

Your app lives on a network

A training course about one of the most critical pieces of knowledge for any web developer, but sadly the thing most developers seem to know little about : how networks and that big network called the Internet actually work. Learn how the web actually works and how you can prepare your apps for failure anywhere in the chain. 

Git – from novice to master

A practical step-by-step guide to Git, taking you through each phase of a project and explaining the use of Git at each step of the development process. Expect lots of how-to, but also some how-not-to, to avoid going down the wrong path.

Performance and scalability in the PHP ecosystem

A step-by-step guide to improving the performance and scalability of your PHP based applications, not just on code level, but more importantly in the larger PHP ecosystem. We’ll discuss caching (why ? how ? how NOT ?), web architecture, the importance of web stack choices (incl. alternatives to the LAMP stack), web and database server configuration, sharding, tuning and a lot more.