The importance of PHP frameworks

Without a doubt there are many tasks you can do with PHP and building awesome websites in matter of hours. But what originally started out as a cool idea steadily grows into a gigantic application. PHP frameworks take away the most common tasks like routing, connecting to databases and handling services or events so you can focus on your business logic.

Techpath PHP Frameworks training courses are build to train your developers to understand the inner workings of the framework so they can wield that power in their daily work.

Zend Framework

A very popular framework is Zend Framework that allows you to build modular components using middleware and events creating robust, scalable and highly maintainable web applications.


Another popular framework is Symfony that focusses on reusable components for rapid application development and flexible customisations.


The youngest framework is Laravel, but has become a very popular framework to quickly build web applications making use of a huge arsenal of tools and services provided by the Laravel community.