Most businesses are created with extensive planning, well thought execution and a defined preparation. This was not the case for Techpath.

Techpath’s story started several minutes ago when Wim Godden and Michelangelo van Dam sat down together to discuss sponsoring options for PHPBenelux Conference 2019. Because both Wim and Michelangelo are running successful consulting businesses and provide trainings, the decision was made to unite both training material under a common entity: Techpath.

Wim is founder and CEO of Michelangelo is co-founder and CEO of in2it. They are both heavily involved in the PHP community, even crossing domains into the testing, devops and security communities as well. Both gentlemen can be found speaking and giving workshops at many conferences around the world.

Together they share over 40 years of consulting knowledge and hands-on experience that they now bring to clients with Techpath. If you’re looking for expert training with people who have been in the trenches, Techpath is your partner. Look at our training courses for more details or contact us to receive a quote.